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(Wallace & Tiernan)

Our Company is the largest domestic factory authorized distributor and service center for Evoqua© Water Technologies, LLC.


V-2000 Floor Mounted, 10,000 lbs/day, V-2000 Wall Mounted, 3,000 lbs/day, V-10k Wall Mounted, 500 lbs/day, S-10k Cylinder Mounted, 500 lbs/day. 50-200 Evaporator –10,000 lbs/day. Also for NH3, SO2 or CO2 and with auto switchovers.


On-Site Electrolytic Chlorination for Hypochlorite Generation


Micro/2000-online monitoring and control of chlorine residual, Deox/2000 -Dechlorination, Acutec 35 –Leak detector, Depolox 3+ chlorine monitor that uses NO Reagents and other systems.


Factory Certified parts that are sized and authorized for Evoqua equipment. We are Evoqua’s largest Distributor of parts and equipment. With warehouses available for prompt shipments


Factory trained and Certified Technicians for installing, servicing and preventive maintenance of Evoqua equipment. Our field offices provide through coverage of our service area so we can respond to your needs quickly.

Hypochlorite Systems

We can provide design recommendations for trouble free complete equipment systems, installation and preventive maintenance services. If you have or are thinking of converting to sodium hypochlorite, please contact us.





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