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valve accessibility

(Florida Only)

In the majority of all chlorine leak incidents, major consequences could be avoided
by quickly shutting off the chlorine
container valve.

one ton container
Eclipse ACCESS II Actuator
Use a system that will shut-off valves BEFORE a leak becomes a reportable incident.

Mounting clamp fits standard valve and hardware, through-shaft design enables manual operation at all times, one-way clutch insures power-to-close only and unique clutch-toggle allows free turning manual operation yet defaults to close when power is applied.
Corrosion Resistant Actuator
Single piece Monel shaft. Bronze bearings and valve stem connection socket, Teflon coated. All fasteners Monel. Nickel alloy connection springs. Viton and EPDM seal “O” ring and gaskets throughout. Lightweight, rigid steel frame is polyester coated inside and out.
Valve Accessibility
The unique design of the Eclipse allows personnel to open or close the valve manually while the actuator is installed on the valve and ready to operate. The actuator may be tested in place. No other actuator offers this important feature.
Fully Tested at Each Change
The Eclipse may be tested under “real world” conditions at each cylinder change to verify proper operation.
Local, Remote
or Automatic Shut-off
Shuts off a leak without having to enter a toxic environment by means of an interconnected gas leak detector, local panic button (unlimited number), remote kill button, telephone, fire or seismic alarm to enable operators to promptly initiate an emergency shut down from inside or outside the hazardous environment. Valve closure within 1.5 seconds.
Digital Control Panel

Powers up to six actuators sequentially from a single control panel. All solid state controls. Microprocessor is preprogrammed to limit closing torque via pulse modulation. Battery powered under constant charge from 120 VAC. Battery diagnostic during test cycle. LED indicators of battery condition, charge power & alarm/ready status. NEMA 4X rated enclosure and penetration fittings (gas and liquid tight). PVC cable and connection devices.

Stand-by Power


Power for operation and control of the actuator provided from an uninterruptible electric battery. The battery has sufficient capacity for full operation for three (3) days after loss of electric power.

New Terminator Actuator
The Terminator Actuator emergency shut-off valve system is specially designed for 150-lb. Gas cylinders. The Terminator Actuator is the closing mechanism for two new emergency shut-off valve systems. One system, called the Gemini, has two actuators. The other, called the Mercury, has one actuator. The new product line does not replace the more universal and technically precise Eclipse Actuator systems, described above, that only mounts on the ton tank and allows manual operation of the valve when installed.
Features for Safety and Security

Is a low cost shut-off system
Is Fire Code Approved replacement for gas scrubber systems
Helps to mitigate the impact of HAZMAT gas leak as required by a Risk Management Plan
Has all NEMA 4X rated enclosures
Quickly terminates leak to prevent gas exposure to personnel and community
Has self-contained battery power that assures operation even during a power failure
Uses 115 or 230 VAC only to recharge the battery.

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