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Water Treatment & Controls Company can assist you with your water treatment equipment and supplies by keeping you up to date with current product enhancements and changes in the industry. Our factory-trained, installation and repair service technicians are ready to assist you with quality treatment and equipment application assistance.

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EVOQUA© formerly Siemens/Wallace & Tiernan. Siemens Water Technology has changed its name to Evoqua Water Technologies. Pronounced e (long “e”) vo (long “o”) qua.
(January 16, 2014)
Engineered Systems

Focusing on specifying consulting engineers, WTC provides:
• A specialized technical sales team
• A full disinfection, chemical feed, filtration and specialty line of products.
• Capability to work with engineers for new construction and/or unit process products in the municipal and industrial water and wastewater markets.
ConstantChlor® (Arch Chemicals) dry calcium hypochlorite by LONZA Microbial Products. Through its MC-Series Feeder with patented spray technology, ConstantChlor® Plus Briquettes with 67% available chlorine provides a perfect chlorine solution for use in many applications including surface and ground water treatment for municipal drinking water use as well as wastewater effluent treatment.
UV Pure© Ultraviolet Water Purification Systems NSF/ANSI 55 approved Hallett UV Systems© with patented Crossfire Technology© are engineered for efficient multiple configuration of flows up to 1 MGD with 2 MGD capacity in design. Elliptical reflectors eliminate UV shadowing with patented automatic self-cleaning mechanism. Water does not touch the lamps. Quick and easy to install, replace lamps and including many more features and benefits.
Ozone Water Systems© Redefining ozone technology, Primozone GM-series, consists of high concentration generators in parallel with an ozone concentration of up to 20 wt%. Production capacity ranges from 5-287 lbs/day. Built on patented technology that enables production with both very high concentration and outlet pressure. These features mean energy savings of up to 50% and very low life-cycle cost.
Flowmotion Systems© Peristaltic Tube Pumps. Exceptional self-priming tube pumps for hard-to-handle chemicals such as hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide or viscous polymers. A wide range of flow outputs can be obtained by simply changing the tubing size. One size pump-head accepts six standard tubing sizes. Sealed spring-loaded pump-head rollers provide extended tubing life and automatically compensate for minor variations in tube wall thickness.
KECO-Rotho© Peristaltic Hose Pumps with “roller on bearings” design eliminates the need for lubrication fluid inside the pump housing because of no friction on the hose surface. Good for handling abrasive, corrosive and viscous products in environmental chemical and sludge applications.
Liberty Process Equipment© Progressive cavity pumps and parts to fit almost all replacement and new installation needs.

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