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Corrosion & Scale Inhibitors


Established in 1985, Sterling Water Technologies was founded on the principal that technical expertise can make a difference. Sweetwater’s products are used in the municipal water marketplace to reduce corrosion and scale formation and improve or maintain potable water quality.

Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion and corrosion by-products from the distribution system can cause aesthetic problems due to red or blue water staining and ugly turbidity. They can cause health concerns by releasing lead, asbestos fibers or other contaminants into the water. The long-term effects of corrosion are also costly from increased maintenance and pumping costs, replacement of distribution mains, valves and treatment equipment. To prevent these problems, corrosion must be controlled. An analysis of the water, system metallurgy and treatment objectives will identify the most cost-effective chemistry to control corrosion.

Product Line

As a primary manufacturer of corrosion inhibitors, Sterling Water Technologies offers the most complete line of inhibitors spanning the full range of chemistries in the marketplace. Unlike some of our competition that may offer only a few different products, Sweetwater believes that our expanded product line will allow us to choose the exact product needed to treat a particular problem or water quality. Sweetwater offers a full line of corrosion inhibitors including: ortho-polyphosphates, zinc orthophosphates, silicates and multi-component inhibitors. Our corrosion inhibitors are available in dry and liquid forms to suit any need or requirement.

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